About Our Firm

Transparency for Wellbeing

This is the motto of our medium-sized company, founded in 1965 and located in Marchfeld to the east of Vienna. In recent years architecture has focused more and more upon the human element. Almost exclusively nowadays, design aspects take the foreground in the realisation of projects.

It is no longer about designing what is feasible. Now the challenge is to make feasible whatever is designed. Our engineers, order processing and production staff work in close cooperation with planning experts to find the best possible solutions for the most unusual projects.

By intensively engaging with the concept "glass in the architecture" our aim is to fulfil as far as how possible the requirements put on our material. Years of experience in this area means that we make full use of modern technologies each and every day.

In our plant in Leopoldsdorf we have two modern, computer-controlled production facilities in which we process and manufacture basic and insulating glass variants to a wide range of specifications.

In our sister company established in 2005 near Bratislava we produce toughened and laminated safety glass plus enamelled toughened safety glass using state-of-the-art glass processing and prestressing technologies.

Intensive cooperation with metal construction companies enables us, particularly in the design of sophisticated and complex glass facades, to access high level expertise for the realisation of sometimes “unconventional” but optimally effective ideas.

Ongoing investment in our machinery and not least in the professional development of our staff is one of our guiding principles. It is the basis for our continuing product quality.

"Unconventional" but optimally effective ideas

In this way we aim to consolidate the existence of our company in the long term and expand in a market which is dominated by industry.

Our many projects for private firms and public institutions both at home and abroad are testament to the confidence in our work. We are proud to be able to say that many of our customers are long term partners.