Siemens Headquarter München


Siemens Headquarter München

Open working environments have been created in the modern new-build to promote communication and teamwork amongst the approx. 1,200 employees.




Siemens AG / Henning Larsen Architects


  • UNIGLAS SUN Solar control glass
  • UNIGLAS BENT SUN curved solar control glass




Openness and transparency are also characteristics of this project: An architectural competition was launched together with the city of Munich shortly after the announcement of the new-build project. The Munich citizens were able to put forward their ideas and suggestions. With a significant majority the competition jury in June 2011 voted for the concept from the Danish Henning Larsen Architects (HLA). The design is for a modern and transparent office building with an innovative presence.

Petschenig glastec deliveries all glazing for STRABAG Metallica. 7000 m2 of curved and flat UNIGLAS SUN Solar control glass elements along with special soundproof glass elements.

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